Road Saftey Videos

Videos from various sources on riding and road saftey.


Every time you ride, ride to live - Transport for NSW

Motorcyclists are over-represented in road trauma with almost 2,700 riders killed or injured last year on NSW roads.




Look out. Driver think rider. Rider think driver - Transport Accident Commission Victoria

Too many motorcycle riders are dying or being seriously injured on our roads - and it is the responsibility of all of us, both drivers and riders, to change this.



Ride to Arrive campaign - Road Safety Commission

Motorcyclists are some of our most vulnerable road users. They have less protection than motorists and are more likely to be injured if there is a crash. It is therefore a concern that motorcyclists are over-represented on road deaths, with 20 having died in 2017 to date, and 278 deaths since 2009. This latest Ride to Arrive campaign highlights that staying in control is the most important thing that motorcyclists can do to stay safe on the road – and speeding impacts the ability to stay in control. The key message – Don’t push it. Ride to arrive. www.rsc.wa.gov.au/Campaigns/Ride-to-Arrive



What Helmets Can I Legally Wear? - riderrisk

Put simply, wearing a properly fitting helmet can be the difference between a bad headache and a feeding tube when things go wrong. Around 11% of helmets come off in a crash. More information available from http://mccofnsw.org.au/a/402.html



Motorcycle Ride to Live: Commuter rider. - Spot the hazards - Transport for NSW

On average more than seven motorcyclists are killed or injured every day.




Safe road to a licence - RSAC Tasmania

Details about the steps to a motorcycle licence in Tasmania, Australia. Practical training is a big part of a rider's preparation to get a full licence. Motorcycles are four percent of registered vehicles in Tasmania but riders are 28 percent of the fatalities and serious casualties.



Breathtaking Roads – The Devil’s Beeftub - Scottish Government

Start your engines for a group ride through the Scottish Borders. Watch the full ride at: https://livefastdieold.scot/



Ride Tasmania Safely Brochure


Riding in Tasmania can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience but we have very different road conditions.

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