Tasmania has many amazing roads. Here are some of the favourites:

  1. East & West Tamar Valley - smaller busy roads, care needed
  2. Georgetown to Bridport, Scottsdale - good roads, used by all traffic
  3. Launceston to Scottsdale - winding road, very good slow ride, be careful when wet
  4. Scottsdale to St Helens - winding road very good ride, be careful when wet especially in winter
  5.  Avoca to St Helens - nice ride, winding roads, care needed
  6. Lake Leake - can be wet & cold, nice ride, winding road, good scenery
  7. Triabunna, Orford, Hobart - scenic ride, narrow, windy, care needed
  8.  Port Arthur - excellent ride, roads good, used heavily by tourists, care needed
  9. Kingston, Gordon, Cygnet (can divert through Nichols Rivulet or Woodbridge Hill Road) – scenic ride, windy, gravel and moss at certain times of year, care needed
  10. Huonville, Geeveston, Southport - some very nice riding roads, pretty good, narrow
  11. Strathgordon - roads fair, need plenty of fuel, can get cold, wet or very hot any time of the year
  12. New Norfolk, Bronte Park - narrow, windy, rough on some corners, some gravel, log trucks
  13. New Norfolk, Hamilton (via Ellendale Rd), Bothwell (via Hollowtree Rd) – nice riding roads, narrow, windy, livestock, some gravel
  14. Poatina, Bothwell, Melton Mowbray - narrow roads, very windy, care needed
  15. Derwent Bridge, Queenstown - very windy, care needed, (log trucks)
  16. Miena, Bronte Park - gravel rough road, can be snow, log trucks, care needed, four seasons in one day
  17. Queenstown, Rosebery - windy, care on corners, trucks all year round, lots of rain
  18. Miena, Golden Valley - gravel rough road, can be snow, care needed
  19. Longford, Cressy - narrow good roads, care needed, log trucks
  20. Murchison Highway - scenic ride, good roads, gravel edges, take care, wettest highway in Tassie, windy roads
  21. Arthur River, Marrawah - new road, good scenic ride
  22. Marrawah, Smithton - good road, heavy stock area, stock crossing roads
  23. Stanley, Smithton - good road, scenic ride
  24. Burnie, Stanley - good road, scenic ride
  25. Hellyer Gorge - damp on corners, very scenic, narrow, windy, good bike ride, care needed
  26. Sheffield to Murchison Highway - good ride, narrow, windy, used by tourists, care needed
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Riding in Tasmania can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience but we have very different road conditions.

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