General Meeting Minutes from April 30th 2022

Meeting Minutes




General Meeting 10.30 am 30th April 2022




Brian Hornsby, Paul Bullock, Steve Hammersley, Danny Penney, Peter       Fleming, Gary Long, Bron McCarthy, Simon Hrycyszyn, Mick Boyd



Apologies: Carolyn Jamieson & Julie Penney



  1. Previous Meeting Minutes


Minutes moved by Peter Fleming and second Paul Bullock


  1. Business arising from previous meeting. See below


  1. Correspondence


  1. From RSAC meeting Assistance commissioner is restructuring traffic services. He is in favour of police cars being more visible. Traffic police were moved to covid duties over covid period.
  2. Lake Leake timing of works address and supposed to be completed before end of financial year.
  3. Graduated license program discussed, TMC and Stage Growth to have a meeting in May to discuss before the next RSAC meeting.
  4. Fatalities update, 7 this year but was figues that may have been medical episode or other factors that may not be solely motorcycle related.
  5. Black Spot Meeting- Postponed due to election.
  6. Anglicare contacted Mick asking for information regarding return to rider courses. Mick advised of what was there to offer with AJL. Anglicare said they will add a link to their website promoting our website. Mick advised to Anglicare that we support all rider training that AJL offer.
  7. Pamphlets- Quote $2,384 for 10k pamphlets or $1,500 for 5k pamphlets. Mick wants to speak to Paul Kingston when he is back from holidays regarding funding from MAIB.
  8. AMC meeting. NSW are looking at mandatory protective clothing.
  9. RSAC want to know if we will have a toolbox meeting in regards to Road Safety Week on 16th Mick and Simon to attend.
  10. Regarding Carolyn’s feedback from last meeting, we have decided not to do fundraisers but want to focus more on promoting presence of the TMC. Carolyn said Devonport Motor Show was good and got our presence out there.
  11. We will keep on the agenda until we hold a large ride later on the year to promote awareness of the TMC.




  1. Outward Correspondence – Same as above



  1. Treasures Report- Website fee this month



  1. General Business


  1. Gary mentioned the media perception of motorcycles accidents and how if negatively reflects motorcycle riders.

Paul to compose a Media release with our position on the media’s portrayal.

  1. Simon commends Mick in how he has taken on the role of President and all of his efforts.
  2. Danny asked Mick to see if he can update him on the Lake Leake Highway works
  3. Danny will give committee an update on the campaign for the motorcycle mentor program in northern Launceston.
  4. Bron to promote TMC at upcoming event Ladies Garage Party with Richardson’s





Meeting closed at 11:21am





Next Meeting


Saturday 4th June 2022 10